Message of Takahashi lndustry


Takahashi Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in fusing together long-established electrical control technologies. Example technologies include those used in a Transmission Line Simulator, a Simulator for Electric Engineers, a 154/66KV Transformer Protective Relay Testing Device, a Safety System for Control Panel Maintenance, a Contact Switching Testing Device, and more. We also specialize in production technologies for equipment such as detectors, radiator source containers, manipulators, indoor pollutant concentration detectors, electromagnetic interference sealed sensors, resin embossers, and beyond. In doing so, we form new specialized technologies that can be tailored to customers' needs, such as for system planning, design and manufacturing. Because our primary concern as a company is the "corporate philosophy," that includes doing what we can to contribute to the local community.

Quality Control

We strive to promptly provide our customers with safe, reliable products. At Takahashi, the customer is Number One.

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