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Product lineupElectrical Load Simulator

Applicable to load for field test of watt-meter etc.

Product out line

This device is load simulator for watt-hour meter testing which is performed to check that watt-hour meter, installed in commercial premises and buildings, is working correctly with connecting to simulated load and actually consuming electric energy.

Salient feature

  • This device is storage case type that make it easy to handle and transport.
  • The power source, three phase or single phase, can be selected with operation of selector switch.
  • The load resister can be used long period because heated air due to load resister heating is cooled by exhaust fan.
  • This device can be connected to power source easily with a special cable.


Environment Ambient temperature range : 0〜40℃
Humidity range : 35%〜85%
Power source Three phase : AC200V/300W
Single phase : AC200V/530W
Dimension and weight Dimension(mm) : 500W × 350D × 315H
Accessories ・Connecting cable : maximum voltage 1000V / maximum current 10A
・Instruction manual
Option ・Transportation carrier(TKEL-L)
This carrier is prohibited to use except transporting this device.
・Storage case cover(TKEL-CC)
It is made from PVC and only for waterproof.
・Safety tape(WS-350)
For announcement that measuring in progress.
・Safety Sheet(STM-100)
For setup the no-go-zone.


  • Maintenance of watt-hour meter at buildings,commercial premises, theater, schools.

  • Design and fabrication of custom products.

※ External appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purposes.