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Transmission Line Simulator

Product outline

This is an instrument for control and preventive simulation of electrical power systems (power lines, transformer substations, power plants). This simulator can reproduce accidents (failures) to test the operation of relay equipment regarding diverse transient phenomena that occur during actual accidents (failures).

Salient feature

  • Response tests of protection systems for transmission lines,internal structure,transformers, etc.
  • Tests for PCM carrier relay, distance relay, digital line selection
  • Use of oscilloscope to illustrate multi-ground contact troubles
  • Maneuverability of transmission lines

※This is made-to-order equipment fabricated upon request.

Example of Specifications for Transmission Line Simulator Equipment

1. Outline
The transmission line simulator reproduces the circuits for transmission lines, and changes the impedance of these circuits to produce ground line 1, ground line 2, as well as short circuits in lines 2 and 3, to carry out test verification of the protective operation of the relay equipment.

2. Specifications

Main Power Phase system 3-phase, 3-wire system
Voltage 220V
Capacity 110kVA
Frequency 50/60Hz
Control Power Alternate current Mono phase AC100V
Direct current DC110V
Failure Current

3. Functions

  • Causes transmission circuit and short circuit (short circuit of line 2, line 3) including circuit reactor (capacitance).
  • Causes ground of the transmission circuit (ground of line 2 ground, line 3) including short circuit reactor (capacitance).
  • Neutral ground system allows switching between resistance ground contact and reactor ground contact.

※ External appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purposes.