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One-Touch TB

A tool to produce simultaneous short circuits on the external connection terminal blocks (TB) during withstanding voltage tests on various types of panels (electricity distribution - monitoring - operation - control).
In case of conventional withstanding voltage tests, for hundreds of points in the external connection terminal blocks, each screw must be loosened for winding, or short circuit bars have to be used. The conventional method is cumbersome and time-consuming. It calls for several hours to prepare a withstanding voltage test lasting only one minute.
"One-Touch TB", short circuit plate for terminal blocks provides a simultaneous short circuit 40-50 terminal pins. The preparation time is reduced to less than 1/5 of the current time (compared with previous results of our company), resulting in a considerable reduction in costs and simplifying the short circuiting procedure.

  • Easy & Accurate, Multipoint terminal block short-circuit is made with ONE TOUCH!
  • Easy connection of short circuit plates
  • Simple structure at low costs
  • Use of SUS for a rust-free environment
  • Spring plate type eliminates connection failures

Example of application

Example of installation of


Enlarged Detail


The upper part of the screw
Example of installation of
One-Touch TB
Easy connection between
short circuit plates!
  Enlarged Detail   The upper part of the screw
is in contact with the short
circuit plate installed in the
terminal block.
Use point expansion color variation
  • Standard color : Silver (center).
  • Options : Blue・Black・Red・Yellow (isolation purposes)
A wearing procedure
A wearing procedure1 A wearing procedure2 A wearing procedure3

Type designation Type designation External Diagram

External Diagram


WTB-H-G-F-7-12P 7 width WTB-H-G-F-7-26P 7 width
WTB-H-G-F-8.5-12P 8.5 width WTB-H-G-F-8.5-26P 8.5 width
WTB-H-G-F-10.5-12P 10.5 width WTB-H-G-F-10.5-26P 10.5 width
WTB-H-G-F-11.5-12P 11.5 width WTB-H-G-F-11.5-26P 11.5 width
WTB-H-G-F-14.5-12P 14.5 width WTB-H-G-F-14.5-26P 14.5 width

※When placing an order, please specify the terminal block manufacturer as well as the type and the depth
  of the screwheads for the terminal block.

※External appearance and specifications can be changed without prior notice


※ External appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purposes.

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