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Handy type security division tape

Product Outline

"Safety Tape mini" is a product for use in demarcation of large extensions for security purposes and for protection of zones adjacent to the targeted area during operations of maintenance, inspection, reparation, remodeling, mounting, installation, engineering works. Compact and light-weight multipurpose safety tape is easy to carry to working areas outside the plant, and the rolling system allows easy demarcation for safety management.

Salient Features

  • Small size and ultra light.Easy to put on and take off using the magnet on the backside.
  • Reel tape with lock capabilities for setting at desired length.
  • Strong suction disc for easy setting on various materials (ABS, acrylic resin, steel, etc.)*STML-100 type Tape mini equipped with a dual-end winder.
  • Easy rolling of the tape by sliding the lock release lever.
  • Unlike the usual disposable tapes, reusable repeatedly (ecological and recycle type)
  • Messages available "Do Not Enter - Energized", "Do Not Enter - under High Voltage", "Energized", "In charge", "In Operation", "In Use", "Under Inspection", "Stopped", "Keep Closed", "Do Not Enter", "Under Works", "Do Not Trespass"
  • Lettering can be horizontal or vertical.
    ※Other messages are also available on request.

Principal part functional explanation

Type STM-100 Type STML-100
Type STM-100 Type STML-100


Model Type Type STM-100 Type STML-100
Type STM-100
A sucker installation type
Type STML-100
Both ends rewinding
Dimensions 128W x 46D x 54H 128W x 95D x 54H
Tape dimensions 100W x 1800L 100W x 3600L
Material ABS ABS
Weight Approx. 180g Approx. 360g

※ Option : soft case

  • Example of Use
    Maintenance and inspection of panels, demarcation of machinery position, and other uses that call for demarcation of safety zones.

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