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Product lineupMulti-Channel Type On-Off Recorder

A Dependable Analog Type Recorder for Recording Operation Status of Contacts

Product out line

This is a discharge-recording type time measuring instrument to measure and directly read the ON-OFF status of the contacts such as open / close times of a circuit breaker, disconnecting switch and various types of switches or operating time of an electromagnetic type relay. This instrument is compact and portable, and hence, it is suitable for site commissioning test and periodical inspection.

Salient feature

  • Strong against High Voltage Induction
    This instrument can be used without any interference due to inductive voltage in the vicinity of 500kV System.
  • Provided with a High Capacity Operating Circuit
    The Operating Circuit with a resistance load switching capacity of AC 200V 15A / DC 100V 10A is provided.
  • Compact, Light-weight and Easy Operation
    One switch operation makes possible both paper forwarding and recording.
  • High Measurement Accuracy
    Measurement accuracy of approx. 0.001 seconds can be achieved thanks to pure electrical recording and no mechanical parts.


Specifications HK-8
Recording Elements 8 Elements
・1 for Synchronizing Signal
・1 for Timing
・6 for Measurement
Paper Forwarding Speed 10.0±0.5mm/20msec
Timing Synchronized with power source frequency
Measurement Accuracy 1.0msec
Switching Capacity of Operating Circuit of Test Switch AC220V 15A
DC125V 10A(R)
DC125V 6A(L/R=7ms)
Current-Carrying Capacity : 15A
Power Source Control
・AC 100V±10% 50/60Hz
・AC 0〜220V 50/60Hz
・DC 0〜125V
Withstand Voltage AC 1500V / for 1min.
Insulation Resistance DC 500V / More than 50MΩ
Power Required Approx. 90VA during measurement
Recording Paper W40mm×L40m
Dimensions W270×D175×H200
Weight Approx. 6kg incl. portable case
Accessory 1-Portable case
1-Recording Paper
Option Calibration device・Synchronizing device・DC/AC Inverter
DC Source・Connection Cable


  • Open / Close times of power circuit breakers, disconnecting switches and various types of switches
  • Operating performances of electromagnetic relays
  • Open / Close operations of contacts of any components

※ External appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purposes.

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