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Produst lineup

  • Strong adherence, defect free!
  • Does not need post-care, decreases need for human resources for inspection tasks!
  • Tight contact, repeated use is possible
  • No need to modify equipment, only to change the bit
  • Does not affect the surface!
  • High quality, long useful life!

Product outline

従来型ビット使用時の画像 → ツノ防止ビット使用時の画像
従来型ビット使用   ツノ防止ビット使用


Because of its high reliability, wire wrapping has been adopted in diverse fields. However, current wire wrapping methods leave an "edge" at the end of the wire that needs to be cut using tools, a process that is cumbersome and time-consuming. Our edge-free wrapping bit allows for a smooth end, eliminating post-operation care and inspection, simplifying the whole operation.


※ External appearance and specifications may be changed without prior notice for improvement purposes.

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